Wednesday, 11 January 2017

In Memory of - Clare Hollingworth 1911 - 2017

Clare Hollingworth died yesterday, aged 105.

Why have I never heard of this women until her death was announced on the news? She was a remarkably lady who had a fascinating life. She was the first reporter to write on the invasion that became WW2, she went on to not only become a renowned war correspondent, covering conflicts from Algeria to Vietnam, Poland to India. She also played an important role in helping to save an estimated 3,000 people from the Nazi regime.

This is exactly the sort of role model we should be showing our young people and who should be taught and talk about in schools. She is not the only one of course. While men and great events stride through history lessons, the women seem to be add on only as footnotes in history if they are mentioned at all. Yet we've had female scientists, explorers, writers etc through our history and they do deserve to be recognised.

Read more about her story.

Clare Hollingworth: British War Correspondent dies aged 105 - BBC Link

Clare Hollingworth is thanked by those she rescued - BBC Link

 Clare Hollingworth on the Egyptian side of Suez 1968

Clare Hollingworth in Beijing 1971
 Clare Hollingworth OBE
10th of October1911 - 10th of January 2017

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  1. It's a shame people don't seem to know that much about her! I really admired Nancy Wake as a child although after some thought I decided I wouldn't be able to hold out under torture


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